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Feng Shui – meaning wind water – is the ancient Chinese art of using the laws of Heaven (astronomy) and Earth (geography) to improve one's life through the reception of positive Chi (energy flow). In practice, Feng Shui means living harmoniously with the energy of the surrounding environment, including the placement of buildings and everything within them.

Here we offer a selection of crystals from our overall catalogue that are more focused on feng shui. These items can aid your customers in fulfilling their spiritual need to attain harmony with their environments.

Colored and Clear Hanging Feng Shui Balls
Non-Swarovski Hanging Prisms

Swarovski Hanging Prisms

feng shui energy crystal ball
8558 -Geodesic triangular cuts


Hanging crystal prism balls made by Swarovski are the finest in refraction, dispersion and overall "rainbow making". The ball # 8558 harmonizes well with most environments and comes in multiple colors as well as with aurora borealis finish.

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colors in ball 20 mm, 30 mm
and NEW 40 mm!

8550- S- Swirl rectangular cuts
Clear 20 mm to 40 mm
Aurora or clear- special order

Feng Shui Hanging Crystal Ball: sizes from 20 mm to 100 mm (3/4 inch to four inches)


Swarovski Entergy Gate Feng Shui Prism

BA Gua Energy Gate- Clear lead crystal with beveled edges imparts energy.
comes in 38 mm or 50 mm in clear or Aurora --> click for prices

# 0011/ 40 mm
The "Sun" cut is a solar disk shape with an "Energy Gate" center
that allows an undistorted view through the crystal.
Sun crystal in clear or Aurora

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Non-Swarovski Hanging Prisms

Swarovski Hanging Prisms

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