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Products & Catalogue

How big is a crystal in inches? I am not familiar with “mm.”
Our Size Chart shows photos of everyday objects and a millimetre (mm) to inches (in) conversion chart.

Do the crystals have the laser-etched Swarovski logo?
The Swarovski STRASS and ELEMENTS crystals have the laser-etched logo, located near the hanging hole at the top. The Swarovski SPECTRA crystals do not. Also, the specialty hangings, small crystals and older STRASS crystals we may still have in stock do not have the logo.

full color Swarovski logo

What are the differences between Strass and Spectra?
Swarovski makes two types of crystal: The STRASS line contains lead, while the SPECTRA line is lead-free. Swarovski also laser-etches their logo on the Strass crystals, but not on the Spectra. Swarovski has stated, "Since September 2012 the entire assortment of Swarovski Elements is switched to the new Advanced Crystal standard – a new, innovative lead-free crystal composition, patented by Swarovski in the USA, Japan and 16 European countries." We carry both the legacy Strass lead crystals and the Spectra Elements line. We can confirm there is no visual difference in the reflection and transmission of rainbows between Strass and Spectra Elements.

What does Aurora (or AB) mean?
Aurora is a special coating (thin film interference in scientific terms). It can be applied to either clear or colored crystals and makes them more sparkly and iridescent.

What is Peacock or Bermuda Blue?
These are also special coatings, but can be a little thicker. Peacock results in mostly green and pink tones. Bermuda Blue results in mostly blue and purple-pink tones. Not many hanging crystals have these finishes because the coatings do not produce transmitted rainbows, but instead reflect light like a rhinestone.

Limited Editions: How limited are these?
Swarovski makes some styles for only a short period of time – and they may never be made again. Swarovski may make another production, but we are never sure. If we find styles in colors or sizes that are discontinued, we mark them as Limited Edition. Example: #8721 Teardrop 63mm in Pink is no longer made and we have only 20 remaining! If you want large quantities, keep in mind that more stock may not be available on Limited Edition items.

There is a Swarovski item that isn't on your website. Can I still order it through you?
Yes, we offer the full Swarovski product line and can Special Order it for you. Include the 4-digit item number, size in mm and color.

Do you have clear, non-iridescent paperweights?
Yes. Clear paperweights are available upon request as a Special Order. You must order 10 piece minimum of the particular paperweight.

Ordering & Payment

What does *SO or Special Order mean?
Special Orders must be minimum one box, prepaid and may take 30-60 days for delivery. Typically, a Special Order is required for an item we do not have in stock, so it would be added to our next large scale order with Swarovski, coming from Austria. Although prices fluctuate due to exchange rates, you will be quoted a firm price when you order. Once your order is accepted, there are NO REFUNDS as long as we deliver to you within 60 days. (If the item is not available within 60 days, a full refund is credited.)

What if my order is less than the $150 minimum?
We are flexible for crafts people and retail shoppers. If you would like to order less than our $150 minimum, we charge a $25 sample fee in addition to the merchandise and shipping. However, we credit the $25 sample fee on your next order if it is over $150 and placed within 30 days.

How do you accept payment?
We accept MasterCard and Visa by phone only at this time. We will collect this information from you upon confirming your order by phone.

Do you accept cheques?
No, we do not accept personal nor business cheques.

What is your Privacy Policy?
We maintain strict privacy for your personal information. Read our Privacy Policy »


Where do you ship to?
Although we are official Swarovski distributors in North America, we can ship anywhere in the world!

How much is shipping?
For minimum orders we charge a $35 flat rate for delivery in the USA and Canada (this usually is up to $250 in prisms). Shipping includes first class Express Post, insurance and tracking. If your order exceeds 8lbs, then it is shipped per the postal rate for weight. Many of these items are lead crystal and very heavy. Example: If you order $150 of round wizard balls, it will weigh up to 30 pounds and will go by weight which would be approx. $50. If it is $150 of small prisms, it would be $35.

How long will it take to receive my order?
Upon confirming your order and payment, we ship the business next day. In Canada and USA, you will have it within 10 days (major city delivery is usually 5 days). For other countries, we will confirm a delivery timeline when we confirm your order.

Do the Swarovski crystals come with their Swarovski box?
The 70mm and 100mm Balls (#8550 and #8558) come packaged in the Swarovski foam box with logo (see photo). All other items come packed in the most economical and environmental method: reused Swarovski plastic trays and/or paper. WE RECYCLE, so the boxes, trays and wrap are all reused.

Do you accept returns?
NO. These are standard Swarovski items and colors. Be sure of what you want before ordering. Colors on your screen may not represent the actual colors of the crystals and the Aurora coating may tend towards pink or blue tones. If in doubt, allow enough time to request a sample. If there is a mistake on our behalf, we may allow items to be returned with pre-authorization and/or your account is credited.