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Specialty Swarovoski Hanging Crystal Prisms
Feng Shui Crystal Wholesale Prices:
(32% Lead optical quality)
NEW - four holed diamond or 3 holed triangle
Two Holed Matrix & Olive Twist

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Swarovski colored octagons

Rainbow Hanging

This Rainbow Crystal Suncatcher is made from 24 pc of (three of each of the eleven colors plus Jet Black) two holed octagons, with icicle #8611 in 40 mm size on the ends.
Crystal Chain: 15 pc of 8116/14 mm per FOOT

It is suspended by a gold 'Tri-clip" with 39 pc of "slimline small connector clips" for a length of one foot (12 inches)


This item ONLY, we offer already made up at $50 each.

If YOU assemble, the price is much less, especially if you order the octagons (#8116/14 mm) in sets of 50 per color. --> click here for prices

"Winter Wonderland" hanging- you assemble with one tri clip, three EACH 12, 14, 16 mm Aurora octagons and two 20 mm snowflake and one 30 mm snowflake, held together with 15 slimline connectors.

Prices: SnowFlake ~ Clips ~ Octagons

Swarovski 8611 Icicle crystal
Swarovski Icicle
#8611/50 mm with two 8611/18 mm drops
Gold tone Tri-hanger

Two triangle # 8833/30 mm (price) and four of the four holed squares/40 mm with 8621/20mm drop on the end.

Assemble your own suncatchers to any length!
As shown: At Right -->

Assemble with clips: 10 small connector clips, two A clips and one small "O-Ring" clip for the drop.


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Hanging prisms


We sell the Swarovski Strass crystal as components ONLY -
you assemble.

Swarovski 8833 triangle crystal

Swarovski crystal Rainbow Twist
Rainbow Twist made with one hole octagons 8115/14 mm

Click here for more rainbow

12, 14, 16, 26 &30 mm octagons with 30 mm snowflake all in Aurora coating

Swarovski Crystal Cyclone
Above: "Crystal Cyclone"
Made from four each Bead 6, 8, 10 mm
Six each one hole Octagon 16, 20, 26, 30
and three Octagon 40 mm
Finish off with the drop of your choice!
Shown: 8550/40mm Swirl ball
Approx cost Wholesale $50 -you assemble

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Other multi-holed items:
Olive Twist
Below: Matrix 0021/32 mm & small drop 8621/20 mm

Two hole Matrix # 0021/32mm
with 20 mm drop

crystal "chains" Octagons and chandelier crystal

crystal chains
Prices: click here for
Triangle or Diamond crystal
Small Stars - Moons

Suncatcher made from two triangle #8833/30 mm
and one drop 8621/20 mm

Assembled with three small fat connector clips and one top "A" clip

Click here for more samples of what you can assemble!

Click here for Rainbow Crystal Creations!


Color chart for Swarovski crystals -->

Colored crystal by Swarovski

More Examples of Suncatchers

Assemble your own suncatcher-

These can be assorted with "Arrow-tooth" as shown, drops #8641/20mm or any of the smaller crystals.

- assemlbe yourself, add a bead or two, and you have a "Crystal Rainbow Maker"

#8832 Triangle in 30 mm size with 3 holes (example with star 8815 in 20 mm size) Clips: add 25 cents each: two large fat connectors and one "A" clip #8024 Diamond in 40 mm size with 4 holes (example with star 8815 in 20 mm size & moon 8816 in 20 mm) Clips: add 25 cents each: three large fat connectors and one "A" clip

Prices: click here for
Triangle or Diamond crystal
Small Stars - Moons

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