Wholesale Swarovski Chandelier Crystal

Design or update your crystal chandelier at wholesale prices. Swarovski crystal offers the highest quality man-made crystal with true brilliance of color, refraction of light, and timeless elegance, which holds its value. Please note we only wholesale the crystal and clips, not the chandelier frame, parts or lights.

This four foot tall chandelier has approx. 500 pieces of #8550 40mm balls with over 3000 two-holed octagons (#8116 14mm). Estimated value in crystal balls is $4000 plus $1000 in octagons equals around $5000. Retail price with fixture is approx. $10,000 as seen in a downtown San Francisco lighting gallery. Ok, so you are looking for something for your home, not to decorate a ballroom! Scroll down for domestic examples...

Topaz Chandelier Crystal Set

Swarovski Topaz crystals

This chandelier in topaz Swarovski crystal contains:
35 pc Light Topaz Icicles 8611/40mm and
205 pc Dark Topaz Octagons 8116/14mm
with one 30 mm Dark Topaz ball 8550/30 mm
25 pc Icicle and one Octagon
5 pc Icicle and two Octagons
5 pc Icicle and four Octagons
5 pc Chain six Octagons
10 pc Chain twelve Octagons
o ne 30 mm Ball
plus clips
Approx. price $300 components only. you assemble yourself.
Price does NOT include brass fixture or light bulbs, light fixture for display only, not for sale.

Swarovski Rosalin Pink Crystal


Crystal only with clips:
Chain: 10 Teardrop 8721/63mm with 2 Octagons
Chain: 10 Teardrop 8721/63mm with 1 Octagon
Chain: 5 Teardrop 8721/63 mm with 6 Octagon
Chain:10 Teardrop 8721/38 mm with 1 Octagon
Chain: 5 chain of 6 Octagons
Chain: 10 chain of 12 Octagons
one Ball 8550/40mm
Number # of Pc.
10 Large TD & 20 Oct
10 Large TD & 10 Oct
5 Large TD & 30 Oct
10 Small TD & 10 Oct
30 Oct
120 Oct
1 Ball
Total # pc: 25 Large TD, 10 Small TD, 220 Octagons, 265 clips, 1 Ball
Assembled in with clips for: $800.(large 63 mm pink teardrop is only available as set)
Click here: #8721 in 28 & 38 mm and #8116 and #8558 ball
Price does NOT include brass fixture or light bulbs, light fixture for display only, not for sale.

Blue Violet "Purple" chandelier
Swarovski Chandelier
This chandelier is composed of the 8755/50 mm Diamond Twist and 8621/38 mm Icicle along with 8116/14 two hole Octagons. Add Emerald beads to make a daring color combination, and set an exotic mood!

Make this up for yourself with Diamond Twist #8755/50mm
Icicle #8621/38 mm and lots of two hole Octagons #8116/14mm
Add a ball and some beads #5301

Below: dainty colored crystals adorn a 5 arm brass chandelier

swarovski crystal chandeliery

Swarovski crystal above with 38 mm teardrops
Jazz it up with larger teardrops in Swarovski #8721 in 50 mm Aurora teardrops!
crystals from Swarovski dress up a changelier
Note the rainbows dancing on the ceiling from the crystals!
If you want to make this one you will need:
approx 400 pc two holed octagon #8116/ 14 mm
75 large (or small 38 mm) teardrop #8721
Add a large ball in the center! # 8558/40

topaz Aurora Swarovski crystals
Swarovski teardrop crystal 8721

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