Wholesale Chakra Color Crystals

Cosmic Creations wholesales Swarovski crystals in the Chakra colors of Blue Violet, Dark Sapphire Blue Antique (teal) Green, Peridot Green, Light Topaz Yellow, Dark Topaz Orange and Red. Other colors of the minor chakra colors are Light Sapphire Blue, Light Violet (amethyst), Jet (black diamond), as well as the Infinite White Chakra in clear and Aurora ,

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The concept of chakras originated in ancient India, and has become the basis of some spiritual theories and and shows up in various religions.

The main objective of the Chakra system is to identify and open the chakras to enrich one's life, heal the spirit and body and to find peace. In order to do this, one tries to detach one's soul from the world and concentrate on healing, both emotionalally and physically. Each Chakra has an aura, an energy field surrounding the area of the body the chakra it is associated with . Following is a list of the 7 major Chakras, minor Chakras and some of the positionsor poer points in the body they are assoicated with and the color they are ususally represented by.

Chakra points and where they are located, what they refer to and the health of the person can be attributed to blocked chakras.
"Opening" or "Clearing" the Chakra area in the body often results in a marked imporovement of health and a more positive attitude.

There are seven main chakras and other minor chakras. We will start from the Head:


Cosmic Lght Chakra at the top of the head . This Chakra has no uniform number, thus it is sometimes called the Infinite Cosmic Chakra
It is associated with the very tip of the head, or two balancing on each shoulder:

Characteristics: shimmering white light and sometimes appearing in fluttering colors, sparking into and out of existance.
This can be simulated with clear crystal or auroa borealas coated crystal (AB)

The seven main chackras:

There are seven major colors of the Chakra, with some minor colors including the Clear Infinite White Chakra.

0. Infinite White Chakra
This chakra is said to hover over the very top of the head, or two of them perched on the shoulders, twinkling and sparkling with infinite effervescence colors. These are the AURORA coated crystals in either the clear form or selected colors
Body: Links the individual with the universal power, and promotes psychic power

7. Purple or a Blue Violet
Crown or Head Chakra
Body: This Chakra rules the brain, the nervous system and some say the right eye or the "third eye"

6. Blue (Dark Sapphire)
This Chakra is located between the eyes and the seat of intellect. It is also what gives us the fear of survival
Body: Fear and nervousness

5.. Blue Green (Antique Green)
This Chakra is located at the throat seat of will power.
Accept what is and do not feel guilty or ashamed of what you are unable to do. With tears let his pain flow away.
Body Function: Speaking, Digestion (ever get rumbles in your stomach when faced with giving a speech?)

4 Green (Peridot Green)
Heart Chakra, seat of love and compassion.The seat of spiritual drive
Body: Respiration and Heart Health (gives the feeling of butterflies in the stomach)

3 Yellow (Light Topaz)
Solar Plexus
Body: Sense of Identity

2. Orange (Dark Topaz)
Located at the sexual area.
Body: Reproduction and sexuality

1. Red (Bordeaux Red)
This is the Root Chakra located a the base of the spine or sacrum
Body: Pleasure, guilt, love and natural feelings

Minor Chakra Black Diamonds (Jet)