Calcite Crystal Balls

Calcite, also known as Iceland Spar, is an energy amplifier. It releases electrical impulses and brings forth polarizing prismatic energy. It helps the mind and body to remember. It aids in astral travel, channeling and scrying. It can be used in Chakra meditation of the desire and sexuality Chakras and to clear the body of dis-ease. Due to its double refraction properties, it can amplify and intensify energy.

Scientifically, Calcite ( CaCo3 ) has a unique ability of double refraction and is used to make polarizing prisms. Calcite becomes colored during formation from other elements blending with it such as limestone and marble. These elements impart the yellow, orange to green colors. Interior cleavage lines produce opal-like rainbow colors due to interferenece of thin crystaline layers.

Please order by ball number, as each ball is unique. Two sides of the same ball are photographed. Please understand there are no refunds, no returns and no exchanges. Delivery is $30 per ball due to it is weight and it must be insured. All balls come with a velvet lined box with a silvertone clasp.

Maxentius Regalia Calcite ball
CALCITE BALL # 3 $65 + Shipping
calcite calcite
CALCITE BALL # 5 approx 110 mm $75 + Shipping
Brown inclusion, very fine markings
CALCITE BALL # 9 $75 + Shipping
Lots of nice internal structure
CALCITE BALL # 10 $85 + Shipping
Has a"top" on it that makes internal reflections, very nice
CALCITE BALL # 11 approx 110 mm $75 + Shipping
CALCITE BALL #14 $75 + Shipping
Has "two sides" one dark and one light

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