Maxentius Imperial regalia was discovered in 2007. It is a crystal sphere ball scepter

Maxentius Regalia Sphere Ball
Above: the Regalia of Maxentius an artifact found in Rome
The UK Telegraph reported on the find, image on UK Telegraph site.

Emperor Maxentius

Emperor Maxentius ruled Rome, Italy from 306 to 312 AD.
He was defeated by Constantine in the famous Battle of the Milvian Bridge which crosses the Tiber River.

Archeology: The original scepter was wrapped in silk and placed in a wooden box. It was unearthed in Rome near the Arch of Constantine and the Palatine Hill in 2006 by University of Rome La Sapienza archeologist Clemtana Penalla.

The original orb is said to be Chalcedony which is a form of silica.
The reproductions for sale here are made of Calcite or Fluorite..

The scepter is a sphere or orb held on a metallic stand. The grip of the original scepter is thought to be made of "Orichalcum" a mythical gold colored brass or bronze alloy which may have contained zinc. Known now only by indirect evidence from shipwrecks , Orichalcum was rumored to be used in Atlantis.
The grip of the reproduction sceptre is made from a casting and gold plated.

The original regalia was on display at the National Roman Museum

I hope these links and information about Maxentius will allow you to feel the historical intent of this re-creation of this remarkable artifact.

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Maxentius sphereMaxentius ball
Photo of contemporary reproduction of the Regalia of Maxentius
An orb or sphere on metal and marble base
Height 20 inches, orb approx. 4 inch diameter (100 mm)

Base size: metal 6 inch square, marble 4.5 inch square
Price: $350 plus $35 shipping
Item called "Calcite#2, Maxentius Regalia"
Please note, the metal is old and has blemishes.
There are no refunds and no returns, please note the imperfections are part of the antique nature of this reproduction item.

Phone toll free 877 plus 642-6745

Round ball calcite sphere

Close up of the ball on top of "Calcite#2,Maxentius Regalia"
Note the natural calcite crystal markings.
Ball sphere diameter: just under 4 inches (Approx. 100 mm)
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<--- The original artifact at left sitting on a floral stand with pointed leaves.